The A-TEAM Corporation is a non-medical service provider that is here to assist in life's details... We can be shopping in the grocery store, picking up at the pharmacy, or driving to the home/ facility in a matter of minutes! The A-TEAM staff is here to meet our client's needs. Every situation is unique...

The goal is to join our clients in their journey. Our comprehensive services allow us to assist each person in his or her stage of life or transitional period. We provide companionship, assistance, and encouragement. We are here offering valuable services to the busy adult and support to those who desire independent living. A-TEAM embraces every aspect of living... emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. We also offer Comunication and Emergency Services.

As you know, every dream begins with a dreamer... The A-TEAM concept began with MAGGIE DIAL, the mother and chief caregiver of a Special Needs son. She advocated and navigated the educational, governmental, and medical systems to meet her son's needs. In the early 80's, she had the opportunity to work as chaplain at Atlanta West Hospital while a seminary student at Emory University. Although life led her elsewhere, the seed of passion for assisting others was planted during those chaplaincy days as she enjoyed the personal contact and helping others through difficult times. In years following, she has had many life experiences, opportunities, and responsibilities to assist others with daily living skills and emotional support. As she spent most of her adult life as a Caregiver, she dreamed for there to be a support system in place... The sixteen years of her son's life taught her the immense need for advocacy, support for the exhausted caregiver, and patience while coping with life transitions... both setbacks and accomplishments. After her son's death in 2008, Maggie began managing the care of an elderly aunt where she once again observed the "cracks" in the system, the huge need/ desire for assistance during times of medical crisis/ recovery, and the tremendous need/ desire to live independently in the home. Life experices have prompted Maggie to provide services and assistance for the aging population and those with Special Needs.

The dream of A-TEAM quickly became more clearly defined as Maggie began sharing and developing her plan. While working on the design aspect of the business, she came in contact/ joined forces with LARA LEIGH HAY. Lara Leigh has spent her years as a competitive gymnastics coach while completing her education. With love and encouragment she challenged each child to reach his or her potential--both on and off the gymnastics mat. It was while she was coaching her gymnastics, that she injured her right leg. After undergoing an unsuccessful ankle fusion, she is now looking at further surgery. This injury has taken her from physically active to very limited activity... not an easy transition. She now sees how fragile the line is between dependence and independence; therefore,she understands the critical need for the services A-TEAM provides. As she began assisting Maggie, her awareness, desire, and motivation has come full circle, "This is an exciting opportunity of which I am proud to be a part". Lara Leigh structured the business based on Maggie's foresight. By working hand in hand the dream of
A-TEAM Care Companions was conceived and birthed.

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